Finally, a remote desktop service for linux that doesn’t require opening firewalls!

As the topics says, we finally have a remote desktop solution without the need to open ports on a firewall or do reverse tunnel trickery. I’ve been using TeamViewer for a long time now to support my Windows and Mac customers and to remotely control the same at home. Now I have one single solution for all of them.

I downloaded and tested the desktop app right away. At first I just thought it was a client. But then I noticed it was giving a key/pass for someone to connect. I said to myself … “noooo , it can’t be”. Then I connected to my laptop remotely using the teamviewer client on my iphone  over 3G.

Even better, the service is completely free for personal usage. I will be looking into buying a license since I use it often and they certainly deserve the money.

Welcome to the linux community Teamviewer!

  • tab

    Thank you for the tip. Just what I was looking for.

  • jeffanthony

    Awesome, I've been trying to set up a reverse vnc server and the documentation for ubuntu jumps all over the place and still appears to be incomplete. Appreciate the heads up, I've used TV for Windows and it's a decent program, even allows for you to reset the remote computer and rejoin when it boots back up.

  • vivalostioz

    Don't come up with any suggestions to use telepathy or whatever. Try TeamViewer and you'll see that there's no application excactly like that. And it's quite popular. For me it's great news because I use only Ubuntu at home and I'm member of the JDowloader developement team – in that team we use TeamViewer for years to support users that have any problems. The users (mostly windows users) just have to download TeamViewer Portable (just a single zip file) and don't have to configure anything but aending the generated password and ip. It's that simple…

  • jenn

    On-premise solutions like RHUB and Bomgar also offer more control for access and security since there are more deployment methods available.

    • Not sure about RHUB(it looks like there's a very limited 25 minute demo) but Bomgar has no free solutions. Only a 30 day trial.

  • John

    If you look at the .deb, it's just the Windows executable packaged with Wine and a bit of desktop integration (menu entry and a custom Wine config). Running or installing the Windows version under Wine directly works just as well with the bonus of being a smaller download and a smaller install. But kudos to TeamViewer for making it work under Wine and for taking the trouble to package it up in a self-contained, easy-to-use way.

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  • chris

    Although port 22 would need to be opened, Nomachine's NX solution is free for Linux and it's incredibly easy to set up and use. It's actually the “missing piece” that finally moved me over to the Linux world.

    • Still requires opening ports on a firewall. This is not possible in some cases and less desired in most. TeamViewer is a solution that resolves this as well as being compatible for Windows and Mac as well as Linux.

  • chris

    very cool. Thanks for the tip!

  • Fis

    The topic is quite misleading since “without the need to open ports on a firewall” implies that port 80 is already open.
    This is usually the case with most machines, so “without the need to configure the firewall” would be more accurate.

  • Johan

    VNC over Telepathy tubes doesn't require opening ports either.

    • Not a single person running Windows or Mac has Telepathy. VNC also doesn't support file transfer and other features that TeamViewer has. Telepathy also only works on newer versions of Ubuntu, limiting support to only those customers.

      • Fis

        True, but on the other hand both both telepathy and vnc are free, teamviewer is not.
        Fyi, I don't know a single person (be it windows, linux or mac), who uses teamviewer at all.

        • TeamViewer is free(cost) for personal use. Most of my customers use it to help me support them as well as a good majority of my colleagues at work.

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