Well, that settles it…

It’s official, Canonical (Ubuntu) has stopped caring about what its community actually wants and instead will go with the bad decision by it’s design team. Enough has been said about this issue so I’m not going bring up the reasons why this is a bad decision again. There are plenty of blogs, forum posts, polls, the bug report and even a website dedicated to it.

Now my dilemma is deciding if I want to continue advocating Ubuntu as a good alternate solution to Windows users.

  • Bob L.

    Seriously? Were you thinking about dropping it all after Ubuntu decided not to include GIMP in the default install? I'm pretty sure you didn't, simply because even though GIMP isn't there by default, it's still in the repositories – you can modify your installation to include it if you will.

    What is so different with the buttons on the left? Install Ubuntu Tweak, and put them where you want them easily. I know you can do it without Ubuntu Tweak, as you can add GIMP directly with apt.

    I really don't understand what all the fuss is about – really! Even more when it concerns a system where you can change *everything* !!

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  • AN

    And what makes you so sure that the hundreds of people complaining are a representative sample of the several MILLIONS of ubuntu users that are NOT complaining?

  • blankthemuffin

    I cannot believe people are getting so worked up over which side the window controls are on. Really are you serious? Are you making a funny joke? You're going to stop supporting Ubuntu because somebody wanted to try the buttons on the other side. It makes me wonder why you actually preferred it in the first place? Did you sit down and decide that Ubuntu was great because it has its buttons on the right hand side?

    You may say that this is just the beginning, soon Ubuntu will be doing all sorts of things without community consent but I wonder exactly how many of those users complaining have sat down and tried it. Personally I don't think it makes a scrap of difference which side it's on. Not having tried it though I will reserve my judgement until later.

  • Grundoko

    Two Words.

    Linux Mint. It's based on Ubuntu, but is a much more polished operating system, very easy to use for Windows Converrts.


    Linux Mint 8 just came out which is based on Ubuntu 8.10
    Linux Mint 9 is coming out in May, which will be based of course on Ubuntu 10.04

  • Stu

    I suppose it still makes sense to use Ubuntu as a base system, because anyone you recommend Linux to / administer can find so much support online. You can always script any reversals and additions to the rather bonkers default settings and installations.