31 Days of Geocaching

GeocachingSo we’ve been working toward the goal of 31 Days of Geocaching. Of course this being the 26th, we have found 26 so far this month. Make that 27(2 on the 24th). It’s actually pretty tough when you found all the easy ones near your house and you don’t get home from work till around 7 or 8 at night. A 10 or 20 minute drive out to some park or side of the road in the darkness, then back home to have dinner and catch up on side jobs and projects and news online. Still, it is fun and it does keep from coming home and sitting for another few hours and then just going to bed. We’ll probably keep it up for at least another 10 days after the 31st since there’s hint of a challenge cache being published which requires a 41 day streak. We might even push it out further since we lack a lot of caching in the winter. I maybe should have save those 1/1’s for the wintertime. Oh well.


Sara find a cache on the 24th