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31 Days of Geocaching

GeocachingSo we’ve been working toward the goal of 31 Days of Geocaching. Of course this being the 26th, we have found 26 so far this month. Make that 27(2 on the 24th). It’s actually pretty tough when you found all the easy ones near your house and you don’t get home from work till around 7 or 8 at night. A 10 or 20 minute drive out to some park or side of the road in the darkness, then back home to have dinner and catch up on side jobs and projects and news online. Still, it is fun and it does keep from coming home and sitting for another few hours and then just going to bed. We’ll probably keep it up for at least another 10 days after the 31st since there’s hint of a challenge cache being published which requires a 41 day streak. We might even push it out further since we lack a lot of caching in the winter. I maybe should have save those 1/1’s for the wintertime. Oh well.


Sara find a cache on the 24th


A little catch-up


It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything here. Sorry about that. I’m not very good at making time to publicize ongoing events. But to play a little ketchup, here’s some things that have happened throughout the year:


This was an amazing trip! We took a trip up to Niagara Falls with Tom and his family, caching the whole way. Visited a castle, then down to Warren, PA to meet up with my Sister, her friend, my Uncle and Aunt and my Cousin and his girlfriend at Geowoodstock IX. There’s simply too much that happened to detail. Maybe next time.


More fun with Tom and his family in North Conway, NH. We saw Cathedral Ledge, Echo Lake and ate at Red Fox and The Common Man.



  • 3 day power outage – car as generator

We were supposed to have our annual Halloween party. Instead, we lost power for 3 days. Luckily, I have access to a 800W power inverter which I plugged into my car to power our phones and laptops and my Fishtank. Didn’t lost a single fish or piece of coral. Since the outage we picked up a generator. Hopefully we won’t have to use it, but I’m pretty excited to try it out Speaking of the fishtank, this is from about a month ago.







What started out as a small favor of setting up a chat room, turned out to be many afternoons and nights visiting and helping out at Dewey Square, setting up laptops, setting up solar panels and pedal generators, livestreaming and now helping out with all the online bits. I was even front and center when the Boston Police Department stole the sink. I have met a lot of great people from this movement and learned all sorts of things most people don’t realize about our government and the mistakes it is making. Mind you, I’m not a political person. I hate politics. But some of the things going on are pretty crazy out there. I’m just happy the whole Occupy movement has accomplished what I believe was it’s first and most important goal which was to start the dialog about the issues the world is facing. The conversation has started and some small changes have already begun to take place. Either way, this has been a big part of my life for the past few months and will continue to be a small part going forward.


 I always wanted to see this show. The light show is amazing. Some of the music can get a bit boring, but in the end, they make up for it with a very entertaining music and light show.




Cirque Du Soleil was the show that Sara wanted to always see. This was part of her Christmas present from me. She didn’t know where we were going until the last minute. We always went out to dinner nearby at Viva Bene. Very nice Italian restaurant which I highly recommend. The acrobatics and strength of these performers at the show were amazing. Sara and I enjoyed it very much.


  • Thanks to a hefty bonus at work and a steady stream of side-business, we were able to replace our aging Samsung DLP TV with a shiny new Samsung LED. Boy is this thing gorgeous. We also finally rid ourselves with all of the Comcast cable box’s. I run the entire house from a PC running Windows 7 with media center and a Ceton quad tuner with a Comcast cable card. Each TV in the house has an XBOX 360 connected which acts as an extender to the media center. We also paid off all credit card debt, so I feel totally justified in our new TV purchase 🙂
  • Along with the TV I also picked up a 5 stage RODI system. This produced REALLY clean water. We use this to top off the saltwater aquarium, fill up a humidifier and for Sara’s CPAP machine. This saves us the weekly trip to Aqua Addicts in Salem, NH to pick up 20-30 gallons of water.


  • I have been spending a lot more time writing and editing bash scripts. I started years ago creating a very basic backup script which contained only a couple rsync lines. Since then the script has grown in complexity and ability. Even now I have a bunch of changes I want to make to it when I get some time. I also recently created a nice rotation script for work which uses a lot of the same bash features and even some mysql calls. First time doing anything with mysql in any scripts. The mysql db I created was also a first.
A few events we’re looking forward to:

I started writing this blog post yesterday and ended up attending this event today. It wasn’t what I expected but it was still worth the trip. Apparently, Edwin O. Smith Highschool in Willington, CT teaches marine biology and has labs and aquariums all setup and managed by the students. It was pretty amazing. Either way, this was basically saltwater aquarium hobbyists and vendors selling and showing off their corals. We picked up a few and got to check out some of the classrooms.

This will be next weekend. Not sure what to expect but I’m pretty excited to go. Hopefully I can get one or two people to go with us.


My first bug fix

Continuing on from my last post.

  • step #4 fix the problem. So it turns out that the way in which the icons were being displayed wasn’t exactly incorrect. We were just letting the “gtk-menu-images” overwrite us and not show the menu icons for the application. The solution is in gtk_image_menu_item_set_always_show_image (). This forces the display of the icons we specify. Thanks goes out to Glatzor and his comment to my original post about this issue. Thanks also goes out to kklimonda from #ubuntu-app-devel on FreeNode for helping me figure out the right syntax and areas to add this item. There was some grepping and reading involved on my part. I had the right file and was close to the right area, just didn’t have it 100% on my own.
  • step #5 submit fix to launchpad. Thanks goes out to doctormo for helping with this one. I had already used Ground Control to pull down a branch of my own to work on. Now it was just a matter of cleaning up the added files from compiling and committing my changes. After that you upload the changes to launchpad and propose the changes to be merged into the main trunk. I also linked my branch to the existing bug to keep things in order. Now I just wait for the maintainer to hopefully merge my changes and for them to make it into the next build of gSTM in some future version of ubuntu.
  • step #6 Now what I’d like to do is take my changes and the changes made in trunk that aren’t in the version of gSTM in the Ubuntu repositories, compile them all together, package them and submit them to my own PPA until they all make it into the main repositories. It’s going to be a bit pick and choose or at least involve some more bug fixing since one of the branches made a change that broke the notification icon.  I might revert these changes in my PPA build since I don’t care for the intended new icon anyway.

Daily Accomplishments:

  • fixed my first ubuntu bug!