Not much to see here

So I thought I might try to update this blog more often. I’m not committing to any schedule or anything, just when I can. I think tonight i’ll just add some bulletpoints and see where it takes me.

– we gained a roommate
– I REALLY need to continue/finish some projects:
— Fender Amp kit for a friend
— iMacquarium
— NES kiosk emulator
— car GPS/camera
— rebuild servers

– We’ve started to clean and organize the house a bit. Still tons of work to do there
– oh, I’m allergic to the outside and a lot of the inside too. Yup, dust, molds, weeds, trees(yes, all of them), cats and dogs. I start the allergy shots in November. Hopefully we don’t have another episode like I did with my tests last week.

– And last but not least, lots of big changes at work. Not sure yet which direction they are going but I’m trying to stay optimistic.

More to come .. Maybe soon