So I tried out Unity tonight…

I’ll make this quick. I thought I’d give Ubuntu 11.04 and more specifically, Unity a try tonight. I then tried to record what I was seeing. Here are the results:

  • arttusyltty

    Unity should not be default for Natty. See this link:
    Even canonical own test shows that users are unable to use it. I smell epic failure.

  • mekmar

    Problems with launcher are occasional. My “workaround” for now is force restarting gdm (jump into text console (ctrl+alt+F1 –> login –> sudo service gdm restart). After a few times you can launch Unity and start tracking other anoying bugs 😉

  • conorsulli

    Big menu…….. weird looking to be honest

  • Chad

    I’ve actually had much better experiences with Unity so far on my laptop. In fact last night I used it for 3 hours without a bug or crash, which is impressive to me seeing the current state it’s in. I really enjoy the style and see it as coming out to be a great success.

  • You shouldn’t judge the project yet.
    If a week before the launch of 11.04 such things still exists, well, then I agree to voice against the project.
    But I have a dejavu with KDE 4. 4.0 was totally unusable. 4.1 was a little more usable. 4.2 was mostly ok, and 4.3 rocked.
    I’m betting we’ll have a more or less usable Unity for 11.04, and it should improve a lot in the next 2 releases…

  • planet ubuntu reader

    i dont understand why your blog is on planet ubuntu if all you’re gonna do is cry about alpha code not working perfectly.

  • Don’t worry, that’s a single bug with a fix already good to go. Please don’t take it as an indicator of the project as a whole…

  • That is a known bug – I expect it will be fixed soon.

  • lol, that comes pretty close to my experience with Unity as well.
    And that was with a supposedly “stable” Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition.

  • Ellipsis

    I heard other people complaining about this bug on the forums. Hopefully it will be fixed with this week’s updates.

    For me Unity is running great.

  • Yikes, Debian 6?? Say it aint so! Unity is still in alpha isnt it? There is a lot to be done, but some of whats to come is amazing. And even if you end up not liking Unity, you can just log out and go back into gnome.

  • ethana2

    I think two months is plenty of time to get it up to par.

  • Yeah, I’m definitely disappointed by Unity so far. And they’ve got so little time left to fix it for Natty. Maybe time to go Debian 6.0.