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First Post!

Ok, lets try this again. Apparently Google Chrome has a recent bug in it which crashes when trying to post to wordpress. Had to revert to good ole Firefox.

Anyway, where to start….

I’ve never thought of myself as someone with a lot to say. At least not on a personal blog. Twitter has always met me needs to post quick updates or thoughts. Or so I thought. Apparently I sometimes do have a lot to say about some subjects on occassion and it’s been pointed out to me a few times by different people to post them to a blog. So I guess here it is. The layout needs work and I need to do some research on typical plugins and protection for it. Any advice here is welcome. I’ll try to categorize posts based on topics so people aggragating won’t get garbage like this first post. I think for the most part i’ll be writing about Ubuntu, it’s community, Linux and OSS in general. There will be a good portion of rants since that’s mostly when I have a lot to say.

Ok, guess that’s it for now. Think i’ll try an idea I just came up with and see how well it works out…

Todays accomplishments


transplanted several servers from one location to another. Slightly more machines than I had planned and took all day as opposed to a few hours like I originally thought. No biggie.

Went back to work for 11pm to move the rest of the machines which don’t play well with customer experience during the day. With Sara’s help we blew through this in 20 minutes.

Home/side work:

Handed off 2 finished laptops

Scheduled 1 customer for tomorrow

Another coming at some point this week that I forgot.

Sara made her first housecall for me to add a laptop to a wireless router. She did have to call me but after telling her to look for wireless on the router page a few times, she finally got it.

Upgrading a mod to an old xbox I did years ago. Still amazed at what these old machines can do and that some things are still being developed for them in the homebrew community.

Made my first blog post