what did icons ever do to you anyway?

Here’s another reason why removing menu icons in Gnome (as well as removing the choice to turn them back on) is a bad idea. What about the 3rd party applications that rely on menu icons that are now turned off by default with no easy way for the average user to turn them back on?

My example is a project called Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager (gSTM)
The application creates ssh tunnels using an easy interface. It sits in the notification area with easy 1-click(right) access to turn tunnels on and off while showing their running status with a red or green light next to the name of each saved tunnel.

This application uses menu icons for it’s status icons as well as the Quit button at the bottom and “show gSTM” button at the top.

with menu icons
with menu icons
without menu icons
without menu icons
  • jef spaleta

    Doesn't this application have a more serious problem in that its using the notification area? I thought the goal of Ubuntu was to get apps moved over to the new dbus backed libindicate framework so the notification area can be dropped entirely. If you haven't noticed Ubuntu has already started the process of patching applications to use the libindicate framework instead of the notification area. And I'm not sure that gnome 3.x is going to have a notification area at all, so the work Ubuntu is doing now maybe a forerunner of what is to come for gnome in general.


  • Mohan

    They were taken out cause it was easier for us to locate stuff without having us to read.

  • bishop mandible

    This is now a bug in gSTM.

    • yeah, I’m the one who filed it. Although I have yet to succeed in contacting the developer to see is the project is still active.

  • glatzor

    Please take a look at http://www.andreasn.se/blog/?p=103

    An application requiring menu icons should use gtk_image_menu_item_set_always_show_image ().

  • Vadim P.

    Use grey text for disabled, black for enabled?

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